Report on February 02, 2023

World Community Not Playing Due Role To Resolve Kashmir Dispute: AJK President

President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mehmood says the international community and human rights organizations are not playing their due role to resolve the lingering Kashmir dispute. He was talking to a delegation of the Kashmir community in Washington. The delegation included Dr. Ghulam Nabi Mir, Dr. Abdul Rauf, Dr. Akram Dar, Dr. Professor Imtiaz Khan and Kashmiri leader Ali Shah Nawaz from Norway. In his remarks, the AJK President said that the Kashmiri people have completely rejected the unilateral and illegal action taken by the Indian government on 5th August 2019. He said that the neglect of the Kashmir issue is a permanent threat to world peace. Barrister Sultan said the voice of the oppressed Kashmiri people is reaching the international community and public opinion in this regard is smoothing out. He said world influential powers should think beyond personal interests for sustainable peace in the region. Earlier, the President of Azad Kashmir met Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States  Masood Khan.

Indian Police Arrest APHC Leader Bilal Siddiqi In Srinagar

Indian police have arrested the All Parties Hurriyat Conference APHC leader, Bilal Siddiqi, in Srinagar. The police arrested Bilal Siddiqi after raiding his house in the Rajbagh area of the city. He has been lodged at Rajbagh police station in Srinagar. The APHC spokesman in a statement strongly denounced the arrest of Bilal Siddiqi. He termed the move an illegal and inhuman act of the Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government. He maintained that such actions cannot stop the Hurriyat leaders from pursuing the ongoing freedom struggle.

Indian Police Arrest Three Youth In Rajouri

Indian Police arrested three youth during a raid in the Rajouri district, today. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Rajouri, while confirming the arrests claimed that the youth were planning attacks in the area. However, locals rejected his claim by saying that the youth were innocent.

IIOJK Authorities Demolish Hurriyat Leader’s Shopping Complex In South Kashmir

In IIOJK, The authorities demolished a shopping complex of a Hurriyat leader, Qazi Yasir, on Thursday morning in south Kashmir Islamabad town.  The shopping complex owned by Idara-e-Tahqeeqat-e-Islami, headed by Qazi Yasir, was located near a stadium in the town. It is to mention here that Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government’s imposed administration in IIOJK has intensified the victimization of the people and organizations affiliated with the ongoing freedom movement. It is confiscating and demolishing their properties. Recently, the occupation authorities confiscated the head office of All Parties Hurriyat Conference in Srinagar. Many properties belonging to Jamaat-e-Islami and its leaders have been attached while houses of many Hurriyat leaders and activists have been raised to ground in the last few weeks.


Kashmir Solidarity Week Events To Begin Across UK And Europe From Tomorrow

Events in connection with “Kashmir Solidarity Week” will start tomorrow in the United Kingdom and Europe. The statement issued by Jammu and Kashmir Movement for Self-determination International led by Raja Najabat Hussain said that the opening ceremony of the week will be held in Oldham, United Kingdom, tomorrow. The ceremony will be attended by the Chairperson of the Friends Group of KashmirMp Debbie Abrahams, Senior Vice Chairman Shadow Minister MP Barrister Imran Hussain, Chairman Labour Friends of Kashmir MP Andrew Gwynne, Professor Taqdees Gilani, Tariq Wazir, Zobia Khurshid Raja and representatives from all walks of life and the media persons. Programs and seminars will be organized by Jammu Kashmir Self-determination International and other organizations in Bradford, Birmingham, and London in connection with the week.

Today,s Social Media Theme

  • India is carrying out slow-motion genocide of Kashmiris by systematically killing them in fake encounters
  • India has turned Kashmir into the world’s largest militarized zone
  • Shielded by draconian laws, Indian troops are mercilessly killing Kashmiris every other day
  • Under its plan of slow genocide, Indian troops martyred 10 Kashmiris in various fake encounters in Jan 2023
  • Over 740 people killed by brutal Indian troops since 5 Aug 2019 till date in IIOJK
  • 96,175 Kashmiris have fallen to Indian bullets in the past 33 years in IIOJK
  • Kashmiris are being killed, and evicted from their homes & land under a vicious plan to change IIOJK’s demography
  • India troops have previously committed scores of massacres in IIOJK
  • Modi’s actions in IIOJK can well be defined as genocide, crimes against humanity & war crimes as per int’l law
  • Modi has already committed a Muslim slaughter in India’s Gujrat state 
  • Global rights bodies have already warned of genocide in IIOJK
  • Genocide Watch has also issued warning alerts for IIOJK
  • How long will the world maintain its criminal silence over the ruthless killing of Kashmiris?
  • UN must take practical steps to protect the Kashmiris from the Indian onslaught
  • It is time to tell India, clearly and forcefully, to stop the genocide of Kashmiris in IIOJK