J&KLC Introduction

Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell was established in 1987 by government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.


According to section 3 (1) of Jammu &Kashmir Liberation Cell Act, objectives of J&KLC are :-

  1. To project Kashmir issue at National and International level.
  2. To take steps for accession of the State of Jammu & Kashmir to Pakistan .
  3. To arrange publications of history of Kashmir Liberation Movement.
  4. To project Human rights violations in Indian Held Kashmir .
  5. To work as think tank on the cause of liberation of Indian part of state of Jammu & Kashmir and formulate policies on matter regarding the issue and
  6. To undetake such other matters as may be assigned to Cell by the government.

Administration :

According to the section 4 of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell ordinance, Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell board was established. The board shall consist of the following:-

  1. Honorable Prime Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir  –  Chairman
  2. A member of legislative assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir to be nominated by chairman –  Vice Chairman
  3. Chief Secretary GOAJ&K – Member
  4. Secretary S&GAD – Member
  5. Secretary Finance GOAJ&K – Member
  6. Secretary Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell –  Member / Secretary

Functions of the Board :

  1. The board for carrying out the purposes of ordinance, shall have the powers to make policies and set up committees and institutions etc.
  2. Subject to general policy and direction of board, the powers of the board may be exercised by chairman or any officer or authority by him in this behalf.

Offices :

  1. Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell Secretariat Block 5, Chattar Domel, Muzaffarabad.
  2. Directorate at K-Block New District Complex, Muzaffarabad.

Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell Centers :

  1. Kashmir Center Rawalpindi (media Wing)
  2. Kashmir Center Lahore (Research & Development wing)
  3. Kashmir Center Karachi
  4. Kashmir Center Mirpur
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